It is a great pleasure for us to present you the new vintages of the Monte Solaio Reserves, for the first time tasting for the 2018 edition of Vinitaly.

Collevato IGT 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 100%

Sassin’oro IGT 2016 Syrah Reserve 100%

Re Del Castello IGT 2016 Merlot Reserve 100%

The 2016 harvest has proven to be an excellent year and will be remembered for the great quality of the grapes, with a healthy and perfect health aspect. The months of May and June were crucial for work in the vineyard that required particular attention, due to the often abundant rains. From the second half of June until the first days of September, sunny weather was recorded, mitigated by fresh winds that favored the accumulation of sugary substances in the fruit. The good weather in September allowed us to achieve the perfect ripening of the grapes, which were able to express their full quality potential. An excellent vintage, therefore, able to produce elegant and structured wines, characterized by notable alcoholic gradations. We are talking about a vintage that has given excellent red wines, rich in color, well structured and elegant at the same time. Not least the quality of white wines that are fragrant and fresh.

For this 2016 harvest we have created the elegant “Black & Gold” style labels, contributing to a clearer distinction of the reserve line from the rest of our wine production, which remains with the classic circular label.

Le Riserve
Le Riserve