Monte Solaio Estate includes Salvapiano Holiday Ranch and covers an area of 178 hectares stretched through the Campiglia Marittima Hills’ soft slopes and the multicolored plain landscape of Val di Cornia. The ancient hunting lodge built during the late XVII century was abandoned in ruins and the Bonaria Castle raised upon its remains one hundred years later, with the four majestic towers. The castle overlooks the slopes and surrounding valley. Every sight runs through the boards painted by nature’s hands. Emotion and the savage elegance of Upper Maremma enshroud everything in this land. Vineyards follow wild geometries, but there is balance, there is harmony soaking heart, soul and soil. The soil is the real treasure, deep within the earth, with heart of mineral stone, a warm land feeding its fruits. The countryside lifestyle is passionate and awaits for the harvest with feelings. The large acres of vineyards are the Estate heart beating, what we truly love more than anything else: Monte Solaio Wines. Everything seem will never ends, like the passion for things and people we love.

The winery

The winery and bottling plant was built thinking of simplicity, it is practical and functional, created with the latest technologies of wine making. Mr. Antonio Bonaguidi and his specialized equipe follows with empathy every part of the production process:  from the pruning of vines, the cultivation works and the harvest, through the fermentations and the maturity process in wood barrels. The intense aroma, the velvety and enchanting parfumes make the wine unique, with microclimates essential for the wine’s ageing process. The whole space has controlled temperature and humidity level together with a monitored CO2 degree. It is a characteristic atmosphere as Monte Solaio is an experience of tradition: among the vine rows, within the eyes and the smiles, but especially in the attractive space of our winery.


Monte Solaio vineyards lays this fertile land from the hills to the plain of the Cornia river, growing in a mixed limestone soil. Vines are cultivated with the spurred-cordon technique and vineyards works follow the philosophy of the entire staff of Monte Solaio. People’s soul reflects in each and every grapevine and the flavours of such precious and warm territory is nestled in every glass of wine. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Vermentino, Viogner, Ansonica represent priceless virtues, so as the daily cares and attention to this charming wine tradition managed through these years with kindness and competence. In Monte Solaio people breaths the countryside and the roots of a wild elegant wine.

Wine tasting

Monte Solaio team will be proud to greet and host their customers in the wine tasting private lounge, a space dedicated to our guests, an area planned to create a friendly and charming atmosphere. Unforgettable moments of authentic hospitality held in a glass of wine, tasted in the warm climate of our scenic terrace outside the lounge wine bar. Hosts will have the chance to enjoy the great show of nature, in a land scattered with the syrah rows overlooking the sea and the Isle of Elba, the typical Mediterranean woods and with the olive trees climbing down to the valley. Within the heart of the Estate every single drink reflects the landscape with its pure flavours. Monte Solaio tasting lounge surrounds you and makes you a part of this beautiful wine-making experience.