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Campiglia Marittima

Etruscan Coast – Maremma

The Tenuta Monte Solaio extends between the metalliferous hills and the val di cornia, in an area where the tuscan countryside shows itself in all its sweet beauty. Its soils , fertile and abundant wiith unique elements, allow the development of a rich and precious agriculture. Just as precious are the wines that are produced , a true symbol of this land wild and free but domesticated by man who has made it a multicolored paradise of flavors and aromas.

Monte Solaio:
a location for a wedding in the nature

A romantic place, so close to the rest of the world and yet so far from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life, that it is the ideal wedding location for those dreaming of a different party, immersed in the enchanted and timeless landscape of the tuscan countryside. Its slow rythms, the warm and passionate shades of ist colors and the fragrances that you breathe in, the air are a reflection of the same characteristics that are found in the wines of the estate, in the glasses that will accompany your party menu.

Choosing the tenuta of Monte Solaio as wedding location means choosing nature, at the same time, as a guest and the setting for your happiest day.

An estate under the banner of concrete

An estate under the banner of concrete, monte solaio offers ist guests the demonstration of how important professionalism and passion are in their business. It is the perfect stage for the team building experience that makes a compact and close knit team of a heterogeneous group of people, developing motivation and trust.
Whoever arrives at Monte Solaio estate for a group building meeting will discover, already in the surrounding enviroment and in the workers themselves, how much collaboration, common objectives and deep passion for one’s own activity determine exceptional results and the place itself will be a stimulus for a profitable team building sessions. after all, example is always the most effective lesson.

Raise the glasses:
welcomes parties and buisness meetings.

The novelty of a winery that proposes itself as a location for weddings, as a place to hold corporate team building meetings or as a perfect location to carve out a moment of relaxation in a food and wine paradise, is all in the welcoming soul of this land. And in the passion with which things are done.
Monte Solaio awaits you for a live demonstartion.

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